Know How Money Recovering Agents Can Recover Your Lottery Prize

Winning or losing is a part of life! Leaders say one should remain calm when wins and remain positive when loose. However, not many of us implement this philosophy in our lives. A wise man once said, buying a lottery is a sheer waste of time, but still most people buy lottery with the hope [...]

What Did You Say About Unclaimed Money?

  Every year tens of millions of dollars end up in various Federal and State Revenue offices. There are currently over 1 Billion dollars in unclaimed money waiting to be reunited with its rightful owners. Government agencies do not have the resources to trace the owners of these enormous sums of money. The good news [...]


Hi everyone. My name is David Caine and I’m your Unclaimed Money Recovery Agent. I have an extensive background in Policing and Insurance Investigation and I’ve found this experience to be invaluable when recovering unclaimed money. I don’t have staff. That’s right! No secretary, no receptionist, no researchers. Just me! What I do have however [...]

What are Unclaimed Funds?

There are many different types of assets that are classified as unclaimed funds. These include, but are not limited to: Unpresented cheques Unpresented cheques occur when the owner has relocated, has misplaced the cheque or the cheque has simply been lost in the mail.  They may also occur due to being incorrectly addressed by the [...]


Imagine:  there may be hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars belonging to you that you never knew you had! Each year, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are "lost" by the rightful owners across Australia and around the world. Award Recovery Agency is an Australian-based, privately owned and operated business that specializes [...]

How to Recover Your Lost Funds?

There are billions of lost funds waiting to be claimed in Australia. Fortunately, searching to see if some of that money belongs to you is easy, thanks to the internet. Most unclaimed money is held by federal agencies. Therefore, in most cases, you need professional guidance and help in the recovery of unclaimed funds. To [...]

Why there is a huge need for Unclaimed Money Refund agent once in a life

When you’ve realized you have unclaimed money lying in wait whether it is lottery winning, life insurance, or PF with the previous company, there are various options you can consider to get back what you’re owed safely and securely. The easy and best way to secure these funds is by approaching Unclaimed Money Refund agent [...]

In Australia Dreaming Of Winning a Lottery? Or Finding Unclaimed Money Is a Whole Lot Easier?

Everyone wishes to win a lottery but does this dream match the reality? Unfortunately, no. And we must be aware of the fact that a lottery has very low chances of winning; it was just a fantasy! But don’t be depressed… There is always a good option in life – it is “Finding an UNCLAIMED [...]

Why Choosing Unclaimed Money Recovery Service is a Good Idea? Read Now

Most people around the world put cash in the hands of insurance companies, government authorities, and financial institutions. It sounds crazy, but they forget to claim money in the end. And it happens due to forgetfulness, neglect, or for any other reason like new career endeavors. Maybe losing money is not a big deal, but [...]

Do you know the ways to find out Unclaimed Money? Explore Now!

Life is uncertain, and loss is the part of everyone’s life. In the journey of life, we often lose one or the other thing. Some people lose their cell phone, car keys or the one they love. Losing a loved one is heartbreaking but losing a life insurance policy, money from a dormant bank or [...]